Middle School

Middle Schoolers are in the phase of learning that makes them want to understand the world they live in. They ask questions so they can begin to create their own beliefs and being part of a classroom where teachers love the Lord, they can ask those questions safely.  Academic and Spiritual development are of equal importance; priority is made to ensure that students are active in the learning process.  As a classical school we work to give students the opportunity to develop wisdom and virtue.

Over Thanksgiving, the dinner topic came to Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address.  My brother and his girlfriend laughed as they said, who knows that anymore.  At which point, my two kids stood up and in clear voices spoke, “Four score and seven years ago…’ the dinner party hushed to hear these young adults speak with clear intonation of intentionality the meaningful words of that pivotal speech.
— 7th & 8th Grader

Middle School Promotion Requirements

Students in grades 7 and 8 will take classes to meet credit expectations as follows:

  • To promote from Cornerstone Academy’s Middle School, a student must earn sixteen credits.
  • One credit is earned for passing a course that meets 90 hours in one semester (or daily for one period.)
  • One-half credit is earned for passing a course that meets between 45 (two times each week) or 50 hours (three times each week) in one semester.
  • Students who are transferring to Cornerstone Academy Middle School from another school or home school may receive credit for work completed previously when Cornerstone Academy receives sufficient documentation of their previous work. The administrator is authorized to accept this work toward Cornerstone Academy promotion requirements provided the work is of similar nature, i.e., similar course objectives and similar time of study.
7th Grade 8th Grade
1    Bible


1    English

.5 Foreign Language

1   History – Ancient World I

.5    Logic

1  Math

1   PE

1   Science

.5  Fine Arts

.5 Electives

1    Bible


1    English

.5  Foreign Language

1    History – Ancient World II

.5    Logic

1    Math

1     PE

1     Science

.5   Fine Arts

.5   Elective



Middle School Elective Subjects:

To broaden the interests of our students, we offer an assortment of elective classes each semester.  These classes are both on and off campus and are taught by teachers passionate about the subject.Classes offered may include:

  • Choir
  • Journalism
  • Art
  • Video Yearbook
  • Drama
  • Culinary Arts
  • Ceramics
  • Service Project
  • Snowboarding & Skiing
  • Sound & Technology

Middle School Athletics:

Our school partners with local sports providers.  We believe students should engage with community and select sports.  We also partner with the public schools and a local classical school.  Our students play on teams for:

  • YMCA
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Sky Valley Little League
  • Sky River Soccer
  • Monroe Lacrosse Club
  • Northwest Christian League 

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