High School

High School

Classical Christian education nurtures the next generation of believers to live a life marked by a deep understanding of Christ, His universe, His people, and His way and college readiness is an added blessing.  Students who graduate from a classical Christian school (ACCS) are remarkably more prepared for college than students attending private or public schools.

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We serve High School students through three different programs.  Students can attend 2 days or 5 days a week or can work in an independent study with guidance from our excellent staff and administration. A diploma from Cornerstone Academy is an honor that is worth pursuing.

Portrait of a graduate student who:

School-wide goals the student will:

Loves God with all of his heart, soul, and mind

  • Be equipped with a knowledge of God
  • Seek to know the heart of Christ and be transformed into His likeness
  • Understand his place in God’s narrative of history
  • Recognize, honor, and submit to God’s authority
  • Treasure, appreciate, and uphold what is true, good, and beautiful
  • Understand and love God’s Word

Loves others

  • Dignify and respect all people
  • Actively serve his church and community
  • Pursue servant-leadership in vocation, family, and community
  • Speak words of truth and hope to others
  • Honor authority in thought, word, and deed
  • Protect the weak and oppressed

Loves learning

  • Embrace challenging subjects and topics
  • Exhibit excellence in academic pursuits
  • Pursue learning and truth throughout his lifetime
  • Read carefully and critically
  • Delight in the written and spoken word

Reasons wisely

  • Listen carefully and discerningly
  • Think clearly, precisely, and creatively
  • Embody and practice discernment
  • Understand the relationship between faith and learning
  • Evaluate worldly wisdom and truth according to biblical wisdom
  • View every subject as integrated in and through Christ

Engages and influences culture with a Christ centered worldview

  • Understand that Christ is preeminent over all creation
  • Apply Christian worldview principles to everyday life
  • Articulate and defend his faith persuasively and humbly
  • Critique and create culture for the sake of expanding Christ’s kingdom

Utilizes the tools of learning, thinking, and expressing

  • Write and speak articulately, eloquently, and persuasively
  • Be versed in the rich tradition of the liberal arts in order to think critically and clearly about all of life
  • Employ the tools contained within the liberal arts and sciences
  • Participate in the “Great Conversation” through familiarity with the “Great Books”
  • Understand the progressions of Western thought through the study of theology, philosophy, and literature
  • Learn and think independently

Embodies virtue

  • Understand that virtue is Spirit-led as a result of God’s grace
  • Demonstrate genuine fruit of the Spirit
  • Live and speak in a manner seasoned with grace and humility
  • Pursue appropriate decorum in speech, attitude, and demeanor
  • Pursue physical fitness and discipline

Delights in beauty

  • Discern and love beauty as manifested in creation and the arts
  • Possess aesthetic sensibilities that lead to worship and delight in God’s glory
  • Make aesthetic judgments about art that reflect a biblical worldview

For more details, view our specific graduation requirements: Grad Reqs HS.docx

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