Grammar School

Curriculum in each grade is built like a scaffold on previous learning.

Each year revisits the past and grows knowledge in greater depth and breadth.  Aligning to the philosophy of classical education, each year is based on the timeline of history and all the other subjects are integrated meaningfully.  This chart represents the whole picture of our grammar school learning plan.  The links in this chart are meant to give you further insight into the rationale behind the chosen curriculum.  Remember though, our teachers make learning come alive, and curriculum is a tool. In addition to the curriculum outlined here, there are a number of ways our students learn beyond the confines of a textbook.

Faith Bible is taught in a sequential pattern in each grade and biblical principles are integrated into every part of the day. Students practice using Christ-like character qualities.  They attend chapel once a week and a daily morning assembly.  Even our discipline process is a reflection on the emphasis we place on living a life in-line with the Bible.

Community Service Each class has a community service project they are involved with.  They are sometimes given a project to work on and other times are brought to realize where a need is and how to solve it.

Field Trips Class attend a learning field trip each month.  These are direct extensions of their in-class learning to amplify concepts and give them a real life experience to make learning memorable.

Extra Curricular Experience We work to create opportunities for our students to ‘show off’ the learning they have worked so hard to accomplish.  We have a Spelling Bee, Capstone Projects, Speech Meets, athletics, and more to celebrate learning.

Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade
Bible Read through the Bible Old Testament 1 New Testament 1 Old Testament 2 New Testament 2 Gospels Letters of Paul
History Around the World Creation to Ancient Egypt Ancient Rome & Greece Medieval & Renaissance 1700’s   Explorers & Early America 1800’s   Civil War & Westward Expansion 1900’s to Modern Day
Reading Learning to Read Reading to Learn
Direct instruction on reading strategies &  Grouping by reading levels Classic books often based on history for in class novels and for monthly book reports
Writing Draw, Write, Now Imitation in Writing Writing & Rhetoric
Grammar Shurley English
Vocabulary Used in Context Wordly Wise Classical Roots
Handwriting Direct Instruction D’Neilian Direct Instruction Cursive First Integrated Cursive First Integrated Best Handwriting Practices
Science Pearson Integrative Science & Hands on Science Science Labs
Math Saxon Math; Students are grouped by ability
Fine Arts Weekly Art and seasonal Drama
Music Music Theory & Discovery Music Theory & Boomwhackers Music Theory & Recorders Music Theory & Handchimes
P.E. Developmentally appropriate team sports, individual challenges and sportsmanship
Language Introduction to World Languages Spanish Latin
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