This is a deeply personal and complex question.  Thankfully many people have gone before you and if you take time to talk and read about their process, you will be wiser for it.  If you would like to know more about your options for educating your child, these are excellent resources to check out.


School Choices: What’s Best for Your Child?

Author: Jan Sheble

Summary: This is a distinctly Christian viewpoint on how to choose the best school for your child: Public, Christian or Home School.


The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home, Revised and Updated Edition

Author: Susan Wise Bauer, Jessie Wise

Summary: Cornerstone practices many principles covered in this book. It will instruct you, step by step, on how to give your child an academically rigorous, comprehensive education from preschool through high school. Two veteran home educators outline the classical pattern of education—the trivium—which organizes learning around the maturing capacity of the child's mind: the elementary school "grammar stage," the middle school "logic stage," and the high school "rhetoric stage." Using the trivium as your model, you'll be able to instruct your child in all levels of reading, writing, history, geography, mathematics, science, foreign languages, rhetoric, logic, art, and music, regardless of your own aptitude in those subjects.


So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling: Fifteen Families Show You How You Can Do It

Author: Lisa Whelchel

Summary: Confused and intimidated by the complexities of homeschooling, many sincere parents never get past the “thinking about it” state. Now Lisa Whelchel – herself a homeschooling mother of three- introduces fifteen real families and shows how they overcome the challenges of their unique homeschooling situations. This nuts-and-bolts approach deals with common questions of time management, teaching weaknesses, and outside responsibilities as well as children’s age variations, social and sports involvement, learning disabilities and boredom.

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