Classical Christian Education


Classical education instills a love of learning in children. The three phase process of instruction (called the Trivium) meets the child’s natural learning needs. Our educators train childrens’ minds with brain based learning strategies, allowing each student to be successful. Get a more in-depth look at this link especially designed for parents who want to know more about the difference classical Christian education makes.


All our teachers have a personal relationship with Christ. This translates into each class being taught from a Christian world view. Students learn to think and live in a way that is consistent with the Bible.  To learn more about what makes a Christian school important to your child’s education First Things First.   Read our statement of faith for more information.


The families at Cornerstone Academy have been drawn together by a common mission and together formulated Cornerstone Academy Parents & Teachers (CAPT).  Throughout the year, there are special events like Family Nights, Parent University and more to connect families and support the learning community at Cornerstone Academy.  We’d love for you to join our community.

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