Classes and Tuition

2019-20 School Year

Class Times Days/Wk Annual Tuition Supply Fee
Beginning School
Preschool (2-day) 9:00-11:45 Tues&Thurs $1066 $175
Preschool (3-day) 9:00-11:45 Tues-Thurs $1648 $175
Preschool (5-day) 9:00-11:45 Mon-Fri $2746 $175
PreK(2-day) 9:00-11:45 Tues&Thurs $1820 $180
PreK(3-day) 9:00-11:45 Tues-Thurs $2387 $180
PreK (5-day) 9:00-11:45 Mon-Fri $3967 $180
Full Days (5 Days) 8:15-3:30 Mon-Fri $5772 $300
Grammar School
Kindergarten(Half Day)  8:15-11:45  Mon – Fri $5408  $400
Kinder – 6th Grade 8:15-3:30 Mon – Fri $7212 $500
Secondary School
7th – 12th Grade 8:15-3:30 Mon – Fri $7478 $500
Grammar 2-day 8:15-3:30 Tues&Thurs $3967 $500
Secondary School 2-day 8:15-3:30 Tues&Thurs $4113 $500
Electives call for schedule varies $270 $0
Independent Study call to create schedule varies varies varies
We offer sibling discounts including the 5th child being free!  Please take a look at this tuition chart to see all the discounts in an easy printable sheet.  

My son has been able to find very good friends a CSA. When he comes home he is always exiting to tell me about the "adventures" and "mishaps" that took place during the day. 


This school has been an incredible asset to our family! 100% worth the kids are thriving here!


CSA provides a focus on classic education and a fun family friendly environment. My daughter loves her class and the kids she associates with have similar core values. Well worth the money, and her future is going to be awesome!

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